Huntington Beach Ticks

tick control

If your pets are bringing in ticks and fleas, it’s time to call our exterminators!

Termite Control Huntington Beach provides pest control to help with Huntington Beach tick elimination. Ticks are tiny arachnids which happen to be feeding parasites. Ticks eat on animals and sometimes reptiles. Ticks have quite a few illnesses for example Q fever, Lyme disease, and lots of other diseases. Tick eggs can certainly be infected from birth resulting in instantaneous potential to poison the host.

Sadly, tick bites are generally painless, meaning they might often be challenging to detect. You might not even know when the tick is feeding upon you. Most individuals will not show symptoms from a tick bite. But it doesn’t mean that they aren’t spreading disease.

If you have ticks contact us at 657-845-8190 right away and schedule your service. If you have pets just let us know as there are certain treatments your pets will need, otherwise the treatment will be less-efficient because the pets continue carrying the ticks in.

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